Xbox: Power Your Dreams

Client: Edelman

Agency: UNIT9

We worked with Edelman (London) to create an epic virtual launch activation as part of Xbox’s 'Power Your Dreams' global campaign to showcase the highly anticipated Xbox Series X - the world's most powerful console. Microsoft wanted to host the hottest virtual gaming event of the year that paralleled the new console’s incredible capabilities while celebrating Xbox’s devoted, competitive and smart community of players.

So we hosted a virtual event that let the audience interact with, affect and contribute to the launch content in real-time and experience the power of the new console - remotely.

The launch event was centred around a physical 3.6m monolithic structure, inspired by the console itself the structure was front and centre during a six-hour broadcast counting down to the console’s launch on the Twitch channel: Xbox On.

During the livestream event, the monolith came to life with world-first real-time graphical overlays including incredible 3D animation, optical illusions, real-time holograms, an immersive Dolby 3D soundtrack and real-time visual effects. To encourage fan participation, we ran live audience challenges, focussed on speed, power and legacy and projected the audience's interactions and results onto the monolith in real-time.

The structure also served as a platform for social interaction. People could influence the monolith in real-time on Twitch, adding comments, answering questions, reacting with Twitch emotes, and more for a chance to win a Series X and see their name in holographic glory - attracting a global audience of millions!