Practical tips:

Make it visually appealing and concise, whilst meeting the entry criteria in full - 

include images and graphics 

The judges will be reviewing a lot so it's key to make your entry stand-out from the competition - think about structuring your response so it’s easy to read and follow 

Download the entry kit, it has all of the key points that judges will be looking for. Consider each category, does your entry fit in more than one category?

Include attachments and evidence to support your claims - you can link videos within the entry doc. Including client testimonials will also support and validate your entry.

Feel free to include sensitive information - you can mark this as “not for publication”. This will help support your claims safely in the knowledge that this is for judges eyes only.


"I'll be looking for a really clear insight that drives the activation but also a brilliant creative execution that takes it a step above."

"A winning entry needs to have a compelling strategy that is brilliantly executed in channel. I want to feel that pang of 'I wish I'd done that' jealousy."

"Take the judges on a journey. What problem were you trying to solve? How did you develop the campaign? What was the impact? And on reflection, what was remarkable about the output?"

"You're looking for something that when you read it or see it you instantly go "ah yes" and have the feeling of a penny dropping. I also like ideas and awards papers that make me smile, written in a human way."

"Don't forget to let your agency or team personality shine."