Kate Rowlinson

CEO , EssenceMediacom

Kate has been part of the EssenceMediacom story for over ten years; holding senior roles such as CEO at MediaCom before transitioning into the position of CEO at EssenceMediacom following a merger of the two leading agencies. Responsible for driving the company’s growth and strategy, she plays a leading role in pushing forward the innovation and talent that enables EssenceMediacom to continue to deliver breakthroughs for clients in the constantly evolving media landscape. Kate brings a wealth of experience from roles including CEO and Head of New Business & Marketing for the EMEA region at MediaCom, where she led successful global pitches for eBay Europe, Danone and the global Mars business. She has also worked closely with leadership teams across EMEA, North America, Latin America and APAC to unify client servicing and service delivery. A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Kate has been integral to the launch of mandatory training on microaggressions and allyship, along with a sponsorship programme to enable diverse talent to progress.