How Häagen-Dazs drove forward by not holding back

General Mills - Häagen-Dazs

Agency: Mindshare UK with LADbible Group

How do you pivot an established brand for a younger audience without losing your identity? Häagen-Dazs was keen to refresh its brand perception in the UK, appealing to a younger audience and dialling up the fun and modernity without sacrificing its famous brand essence.

We devised a refreshingly bold agony-aunt format to connect with audiences in a frank but supportive way that would truly live up the new brand mantra: Don't Hold Back (DHB). And then, as lockdown struck as we were going live, we had the ideal vehicle that could adapt to the unprecedented challenges that people were going through, providing them with an outlet to share whatever was on their mind literally anything and receive some frank and reassuring responses in return. It all helped to build a bridge to the evolving brand through fun and insightful content that drove real, ongoing relevancy.