The Power Of Dad

Kwik Fit

Agency: MediaCom

Kwik Fit needed to tap into new audiences to grow. MediaCom found a market with huge potential for growth mums with young kids. It's a time when many rely on their cars in a new way (you don't want to break down with a baby in the back seat). Young Mothers aren't typically the image we have in mind when we think about getting the car sorted - the stereotypical view of garages as bloke-y spaces remains but we knew this group held hidden growth for Kwik Fit. Their relationship with Kwik Fit as a brand was neutral or cold. We used two partnerships: Reddit (in a UK first) and Daily Mail. Our insight was that there are some things, no matter how independent and grown up you are, that are deep rooted instincts that never change. Turning to dad for help with the car is one of them. We leveraged this for our comms and drove brand consideration by 92%, harnessing partnerships powerfully to create a new market for the brand.