Virgin Money Unity Arena

Agency: Virgin Money + SSD Concerts

At a time where the creative industry had been hit hard by Covid-19, SSD and Virgin Money set out on a mission to bring live music back to the UK in safe way. The world was in desperate need of good news and the music industry needed support to get back on its feet.

From influencers on TikTok to the Irish Taoiseach and even the Canadian Prime Minister, the Virgin Money Unity Arena and our mission to bring live music back to life went viral around the world, reaching millions of people and generating hundreds of thousands of likes.
We became part of a sustained cultural conversation creating 616m social impressions, generated 2, 864 news hits, and delivering a PR value of £18.7 million. 75 countries covered the news, as well as respected titles in the UK, including BBC News, BBC’s The One Show, The Daily Telegraph, Grazia, Rolling Stone and many more.
Importantly, we’ve put artists and musicians back on stage – given the crews who make live shows happen an opportunity to get back doing what they do best and providing fans, Virgin Money customers and colleagues the chance to experience live music again.
The Virgin Money Unity Arena is an unforgettable event that offered joy and hope for artists, fans and event producers, and firmed Virgin Money up in the public eye as a bank with a difference.